Scientific Works of NCFSCHVW. Promising assortments in the horticulture and viticulture. – Krasnodar: FSBSI NCFSCHVW, 2018. – Volume 19. – 151 p.
Responsible for publication Egorov E.A., Ilina I.A., Makarova E.V., Zaremuk R.Sh., Ulyanovskaya E.V., Petrov V.S. The collection includes the articles presented at the International Scientific and Practical Forum "Perspective Technologies in the Agro-Industrial Complex", realized with the financial support of the Russian Found for Basic Research, Project 18-016-20018. In the materials of publication the problems of formation of promising pome, stone, berry crops and grapes assortment for the South of Russia are considerated on the basis of creating new varieties with the involvement of an elite fund of valuable genes; use of methods of preliminary, mutational and molecular-genetic breeding with approbation of DNA markers of significant signs. According to the results of variety study, the new domestic and introduced highly productive and adaptive varieties are recommended for inclusion in the assortment. The prospects of the application of table grape varieties conveyor of AZESV&W breeding for expansion of the recreational potential of the Black Sea resorts and the use of new hybrid forms of NCFSCHVW breeding for high-quality wine-making are presented. The collection is intended for employees and graduate students of scientific institutions, teachers and students of higher educational institutions of agricultural and biological profile, specialists in the field of horticulture, viticulture and wine-making.

journal тематический сетевой научный
электронный журнал скфнцсвв