The results of scientific research activity of institutions in 2018.

In the collection summarizes the results of the research work of scientific institutions, carried out accordance with the Research Work Plan for 2017-2019, which is the basis of the State task and the Program of Fundamental Scientific Research of the State Academies of Sciences for 2013-2020. The results of the research reflect the grouped thematic focus: horticulture and viticulture, breeding and variety's study, plant protection, agrochemistry and soil science, storage and processing of agricultural products: fruits, berries, vegetables and grapes. The results of research obtained in 2018 are the basis for the development of forms and regimes for managing the garden and vine agrocenoses; the methods of analytical selection and molecular genetics to accelerate the process of creating the varieties with valucable given characteristics; the technologies of storage and deep processing of fruits, berries, vegetables and grapes; the modern methods of biochemical and instrumental evaluation of agricultural raw stock, wine products and food. The results of research are actual and in demand by the industrial sectoral subjects. The collection is intended for employees and post-graduate students of scientific institutions, teachers of higher educational institutions of agricultural and biological profile, specialists in the field of storage and processing of fruit, berry, vegetable crops and grapes. 

Egorov E.A., Ilina I.A.   
The main results of research work of the North Caucasian Federal Scientifik Center of Horticulture, Viticulture, Wine-making (NCFSCHVW) in 2018 
Ulyanovskaya E.V., Kuznetsova A.P., Efimova I.L., Shadrina Zh.A., Ermolenko V.G.   
The main directions and results of joint research of NCFSCHVW and SESH on the breeding of fruit plants
Lukyanov A.A.   
The main results of research work of the Anapa Zonal Experimental Station of Viticulture and Winemaking – branch of FSBSI NCFSCHVW in 2018
Kazakhmedov R.E.   
The main results of research work of the Daghestan Breeding Experimental Station of Viticulture and Vegetable growing in 2018
Gorlov S.M., Viktorova E.P., Kazaryan R.V., Gorodetskiy V.O., Pershakova T.V., Lukyanenko M.V.   
The main results of scientific research of the Krasnodar Research Institute of Storing and Processing Agricultural Products – branch of FSBSI NCFSCHVW in 2018
Eremin V.G., Gasanova T.A.   
Priority directions and main results of research activity of Krymsk Experiment Breeding Station – Branch of FSBSI 
«Federal Research Center the N.I. Vavilov All-Russian Institute of Plant Genetic Resources» (VIR) in 2018
Andreyeva V.E., Ryabchun I.O.    
The results of research activety of All-Russian Research Institute of Viticultural and Winemaking named after I.I. Potapenko – a branch of the Federal Rostov Research Agricultural Agarian Center in 2018.
Likhovskoy V.V., Volynkin V.A., Stranishevskaya E.P., Gorislavets S.M., Risovannaya V.I., Rybalko E.A.   
The prognostic development of Crimean viticulture according to the results of scientific research in the ALL-Russian NRIV&W «Magarach» in 2018
Vasylyk A.V., Ostroukhova E.V., Anikina N.S.   
Scientific and methodological foundations of the department of winemaking with geographical status in Russia: 
the main achievements in the way of their implementation
Berbekov V.N., Bakuev Zh.H., Bishenov H.Z.    
A brief report of the research and experimental design work carried out by the team of scientific 
of the North Caucasian Research Institute of Mountain and Foothill gardening in 2018  

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