Materials of the International scientific and practical conference "Scientific ensuring of horticulture, viticulture and winemaking in the import substitution aspect" devoted to the 85 anniversary of Institute foundation (on September 6-9, 2016) are presented in the collection of scientific works. The analysis of condition of gardening branch at the present stage is given, the alternative ways of increase in efficiency in the production of fruit and berry products are presented. The attention is focused for scientific ensuring of import substitution in a branch: improvement of assortment of fruit crops due to its replenishment by varieties and rootstocks of domestic breeding; the modern technologies of reproduction and production of competitive landing material; the use of resource capacity of lands for adaptive placement of fruit crops; biologized systems of plantings protection with use of preparations of the Russian production. Methods and ways of ensuring of quality and nutrition value of fruit production due to optimization of the modes of storage and processing of plant raw materials are offered.

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