Scientific school of viticulture in the Krasnodar Region was formed in the period from 1925 to 1952 under influence of the ideas of Professor Artemiy Sergeevich Merzhanian, Head of faculty of viticulture of the Kuban Agrarian Institute. His followers, who were working at the Krasnodar fruits and grapes experiment station and Anapa zone experimental station of viticulture and wine-making, developed such scientific directions, as regulation of the productivity of grapes plantations and breeding and varieties study.
S.F. Serpukhovitina was a founder of the scientific school in the NCRRIH&V and an active participant of research from 1945 to 1960 in the field of the rational use of fertilizers, optimization of system of soil keeping and grapes bushes; the works on the breeding and varieties study were conducted by her co-researchers. The results of S.F. Serpukhovitina research were presented in the monograph "Viticulture in the Krasnodar Region" and other publications.
Dr. Sci. Agr., Professor K.A. Serpukhovitina, the Laureate of the RF Government Prize in the field of science and technology, Honoured science worker of RF from 1961 to 2014, in the NCRRIH&V carried out the research which have been became as the basis of one of the most prolific scientific school in the field of ecological and adaptive viticulture. The systems of fertilizer and soil keeping of vineyards have been scientifically grounded; the standards for the effective application of mineral fertilizers were established. 
The companions in the scientific work of this direction in different years are: the candidates of sciences – A.P. Tryukhanova, E.G. Žhdamarov, A.N. Chemulov, E.N. Hudaverdov, A.A. Krasilnikov, D.E. Russo. At the AZESV&W these studies were performed by Dr. Sci. Agr. N.N. Perov and researcher L.I. Perova.    
The N.N. Perov developments of soil suitability permit to zoning of rootstocks stable against filloxera in the wine-growing areas of the Caucasus Region.
The developments of K.A. Serpukhovitina are the basis of a lot scientific publications, including 8 monographs, 2 textbooks, etc. Under her guidance the 10 master's and one doctoral theseses were made. 
Dr. Sci. Agr. V.S. Petrov, the Honored Worker of science of the Kuban, the Head of the Scientific Center of viticulture NCRRIH&V from 2004, formed the new scientific direction – the ecological and biological wine growing in a systematic basis. The results of research are: the simulation of the productive process in the ampelocenosis, the optimization of regional grapes assortment, the management technology of productive and adaptive potential of perennial plants, the reproduction of soil fertility in the vineyards. V.S. Petrov is the co-author of 4 patents of the Russian Federation for inventions. Under his guidance 4 candidate's and 1 doctoral theses are presented.
Dr. Sci. Agr. M.I. Pankin (Director AZESV&W from 2004) develops the scientific research ensuring the high quality of wine growing production. The main results of research are: the control of forming of quality ative viticulture through improving of environmental and agricultural techniques of grapes growing. He has 3 author certificates, under his guidance 4 candidate's theses were made.
Grapes breeding direction of NCRRIH&V scientific school was formed in 1933-1993 under influence of the ideas of Professor A.S. Meržhanian with the active part in the work of the Cand. Agr. Sci. L.T. Kokhanova, who created 20 technical and table grapes varieties. L.T. Kokhanova together with candidates of sciences V.M. Lazaryan, V.P. Petrosian and scientists of AZESV&W – candidates of sciences G.A. Zotkina, Yu.A. Shuyskaya, and research associate N.N. Apal′kova created a number of tabbe and technical grapes varieties, that ensure the assortment of Krasnodar Region and regions of North Caucasus. Currently at the NCRRIH&V and at the Anapa Experimental Station the active work on grapes breeding is continied by T.A.Nudga, G.E. Nikulushkina and by candidates of sciences – E.T. Ilnitskaya and M.A. Syndareva. Hybrid grapes foundation is more than 2000 samples.
Dr. Sci. Agr. A.I. Zhukov, Laureate of State Prize in the field of science, Honored worker of agriculture of the Russian Federation, has created a series of grapes bushes formations, that widely spread in the industrial viticulture of the Krasnodar Region. He created 6 new grapes rootstocks resistant to filloxera and he has about 30 inventions and patents. The developments of effective constructions of bushes for full-grown varieties and cover crops of grapes carried out by Cand. Agr. Sci. T.P. Pavluykova are topical now.
The scientific direction of environmentally sustainable wine growing is organized in the NCRRIH&V under the influence of works of Dr. Sci. Agr., Professor T.N. Vorobyeva, which has about 10 patents for inventions. Under her guidance 9 master's and one doctoral theses were made. Head of the scientific direction of grapes protection against harmful organisms is Cand. Agr. Sci.,  the Honored worker of science of the Kuban A.I. Talash.  Her research includes the development of effective technologies to protect the vineyards from the harmful objects. She has 5 copyright certificates for inventions. Under her scientific guidance and participation 5 master's theseses were made. Cand. Agr. Sci. E.G. Yurchenko is actively developing the research on a high theoretical and methodological level. She is the author of 9 inventions patents for biological methods of protection of vineyards from pests.
The use of the Scientific school of viticulture developments provides the high quality of grapes products and the environmental and economical stability of production enterprises.

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