Dr. Sci. Agr. Sergey Fiodorovich. Negovelov (1903-1985) is the founder of the new direction of agricultural science – "garden soil science". S.F. Negovelov elaborated the new methodology of the soil analysis and established the qualitative and quantitative indices of physical and chemical properties of soils, taking into account the requirements of fruit crops. The soil drill invented by S.F. Negovelov and now is the main scientist's tool for getting of soil samples in the gardens and in the vineyards. Materials of his scientific developments on garden soil science include 3 books, 137 articles, 7 inventions. S.F. Negovelov prepared 18 post graduate students, which came to the degree of candidates and doctors of science.
Research work on development of garden soil science continued G.N. Terenko, the Dr. Sci. Agr., Honored worker of science of Kuban, the apprentice and follower of S.F. Negovelov. He defined the threshold values of physical and chemical properties of the soil samples for fruit crops. The methods of preparation of the soil for the structural analysis and a technique of assessment of fruit-tree growth in various soil climatic conditions were developed.
The essential contribution to development of scientific school was made by Dr. Sci. Agr. K.A. Serpukhovitina, Professor, the State Prize laureate of Russian Federation. Under her management the research on development of the fertilizers system and the soils maintenance on vineyards were conducted. In 1972 Cand. Agr. Sci. A.A. Chundokova was at the head of the department of agrichemistry and soil science of the Iinstitute. Under her leadership the research on optimization of mineral feeding of fruit crops and increase of soils fertility in the gardens were continied.
Since 1993 the laboratory of management of soils fertility and plants feeding the Dr. Sci. Agr. V.P. Popova is leading. Staff of laboratory on the basis of early knowledge develop the research in the direction of improvement of systems of garden agriculture. The researchers elaborate the resource-saving technologies of soil care and restoring of soil fertility, improve the diagnostics methods of plants ensuring of nutrients. They are coordinators of research in the Region concerning optimization of food mode of soils and a nutritious mode of fruit plants. The research work is conducted with support of the Russian and Regional grants.

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