The founder of scientific school is Cand. Tech. Sci. Vladimir Anatolievich Medvedev (1916-1991), the Head of department of processing and storage of fruits of NСRRIH&V from 1962 to 1988. Scientific research were conducted for follow directions: technological and biochemical varieties study of fruits of pome, stone fruit, berry and nut bearing cultures; optimization of the modes and ways of fruits storage; rational ways of processing of fruit and berry raw materials. He developed the project of canning factory in which the new developed technologies were tested. The main direction of his research is the complex, waste-free technology of fruits processing with the receiving of high-quality food products.
V.A. Medvedev is the author of technology of use of apple waste of juice production for receiving of pectin using for development of jellylike products.
V.A. Medvedev prepared the highly qualified specialists for conservation and storage of fruit and berry production: A.P. Korotkova, E.A. Kupriyanova, N.V. Popov, T.A. Kosheleva, T.G. Prichko, L.D. Chalaya, L.V. Zhabskaya and the others.
Since 1992 to the present the scientific work in the Laboratory of storage and processing of fruits is conducted under the leadership of the Dr. Sci. Agr., Professor Tatyana Grigoryevna Prichko, the Honored Worker of Science of Kuban. The main directions of works are the theoretical and experimental basis of production of high-quality fruits, the decrease in losses during their storage and processing on the basis of improvement of assortment and technological processes. The works about chemical and technological varieties study of fruit crops are continued; the varieties with the high content of biologically active agents and high storage of fruits are allocated. The recommendations about purposeful use of varieties for a certain type of canning production are given. The modes of fruits storage  under the usual conditions and in the adjustable gas environment are defined. The scientific and technical documentations for on a number of new types of finished products of the medical and prophylactic direction are developed. For the certification of food production the test laboratory in the NCRRIH&V is created and accredited by State Standart of Russia.
On the basis of  results of research the doctoral theses and 8 master's theses are defended in the different years. New types of finished products have a few of gold and silver medals, and diploms of exhibitions and different conferences. A work of "Complex waste-free technology of storage and processing of an apple-tree fruits in the Krasnodar Region for production of functional food" has the prize of Administration of Krasnodar Region. The results of research are used in the specialized farms and in the fruit processing enterprises of the South of Russia.

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