Volume 28 Scientific Works of NCFSCHVW

Scientific Works of NCFSCHVW. Mechanisms and methods of ontogenesis management of perennial crops, the stability of garden and grape agrocenoses, the quality, safety and functionality of processed production. – Krasnodar: FSBSI NCFSCHVW, 2020. Volume 28. 187 p.

Responsible for publication Egorov E.A., Ilina I.A., Makarova E.V., Zaremuk R.Sh., Petrov V.S., Ageyeva N.M.

The materials of the collection present the results of the research work of scientists of the FSBSI NCFSCHVW, carried out in 2019 in the main areas of scientific topics, in accordance with the plan of research. Data on the conservation of genetic resources and replenishment of fruit and berry crops and grape collections are presented, new adaptive forms with high production potential for use in priority breeding studies, improving regional assortments and industrial testing are selected. Based on the criterions of sustainability and effectiveness, a method for optimizing the structural and functional parametric relationships has been developed, a parametric model for increasing a soil suppressivity with enriched biomaterial has been proposed. New harmful mycopathogens in ampelocenoses of the Western Ciscaucasia were revealed, the conformity to natural low of insecticides transformation in agricultural systems were established, the effect of fungicides on the fruits toxicological parameters was found. Agrotechnological aspects of managing the vineyard productivity are considered, new local forms of grapes for the production of quality wines are recommended, the methods for increasing the consumer value of wine production are developed. The publication is intended for employees and graduate students of scientific institutions, teachers and students of higher educational institutions of agricultural and biological profile, specialists in the field of horticulture and viticulture. July 28, 2020, 4 p.m.
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